Broward County High School Bowling


QUESTION 1: Is it true that FHSAA designated Broward County high school bowling its own bowling district?

ANSWER: .YES... since 2013, all FHSAA registered schools (for bowling) in Broward County play in District 15.

QUESTION 2: How much will the bowling program cost my school?

ANSWER: Nothing. There is no cost to the school or the Broward County Athletic Association (BCAA). Broward County High School Bowling is totally funded by parents, sponsors and donations. Each school, of course, has the option of covering any part of the cost of their student's bowling expenses.

QUESTION 3: What does my school need to do start a bowling team?

ANSWER: Get the approval from the principal. The Superintendent's Screening Committe of the Broward County School Board have an agreement with the BCAA that permits each school's principle the authority to register his or her bowling teams with the FHSAA. All that is required is for a school official to fill out the AT12 form online with

QUESTION 4: Are we required to participate at all matches? …What about practices?

ANSWER: Yes…sort of. This is a commitment to participate in high school bowling competition, however, there are no penalties if you are unable to attend every match. Be aware that match participation in at least four (4) Thursdays is required to meet the eligibility requirements to participate in FHSAA District and State competitions.

With regard to practices, they are voluntary. We encourage all bowlers to practice as often as conveniently possible. The most improvement is achieved by playing (practicing) more often.

QUESTION 5: Do the students still need to submit the FHSAA physical and parental consent forms?

ANSWER: YES… like with any sport, all Broward County high school student-bowlers must fill out and submit the required FHSAA forms (EL2 & EL3) in order to be allowed to compete in either Broward County high school league practices or matches.

Click here to view or download the EL2 form (PHYSICAL)

Click here to view or download the EL3 form (PARENTAL CONSENT)

Click here to view or download the EL3CH form (PARENTAL CONSENT)

QUESTION 6: How long is the 2016 Broward County high school bowling season?

ANSWER: Six (6) weeks. TIME and TRAVEL constraints were considered when setting up the upcoming season’s schedule.

The 2016 regular high school bowling season will begin on Tuesday, September 13th and will finish on Thursday, October 22nd. At the conclusion of the regular season, all eligible teams and individuals will be invited to participate in the District 15 tournament.

The FHSAA District 15 tournament venue will be at Sawgrass Lanes on Tuesday, October 25th.

QUESTION 7: What is the bowling center (venue) for the 2016 regular high school bowling season?

ANSWER: - Sawgrass Lanes every TUESDAY...and every THURSDAY.


Tuesday Matches

Sawgrass Lanes
8500 N. University Drive
Tamarac, FL 33051
(954) 472-2700


Thursday Matches

Sawgrass Lanes
8500 N. University Drive
Tamarac, FL 33051
(954) 472-2700


QUESTION 8: Is IMPACT Testing (aka Concussion Testing) required for the 2016 high school bowling season?

ANSWER: YES. This is a county-wide test to ensure all high school athletes from ALL sports are brain healthy. Since bowling is also a FHSAA state varsity sport, all bowlers must successfully complete the IMPACT test before being cleared for play unless otherwise indicated by the athletic director. See your athletic department to find out when IMPACT testing is scheduled.

QUESTION 9: How can a club-level bowling team participate in the FHSAA State Series if bowling is not an intescholastic varsity sport with the Broward County Athletic Association (BCAA)?

ANSWER: All varsity sports that participate in Florida high schools do so under the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) system. Bowling has been a varsity sport in the FHSAA State Series for many years. It just happens that Broward County is the first county in Florida to have a county club / state varsity bowling program. As a result, the FHSAA considers all bowlers from Broward County -- both teams and individuals -- varsity athletes at the FHSAA state level. Thus, this makes them eligible to participate in the District Championships and FHSAA State Finals in Orlando.

QUESTION 10: Why is bowling not an interscholastic varsity sport with the BCAA?

ANSWER: Economics. In today's ever-shrinking economy, budgets of programs everywhere are shrinking; and Broward County sports program are no exception. As a result, the BCAA is not in a financial position to add any new sports. In fact, the BCAA is in a "retraction model" and has cut various sports programs in recent years. This is why high school bowling in Broward County does not receive any financial support from the BCAA. (Question 1).

QUESTION 11: Is my school required to register both a boys and girls bowling team?

ANSWER: NO. A school can register either a boys team or a girls team...or both.

QUESTION 12: What are the fewest number of bowlers needed to start a bowling team?

ANSWER: ONE! .A school can start a bowling team with as few as one bowler. The next FAQs will address this in more detail.

QUESTION 13: What if my school only has 1 or 2 experienced bowlers? …Can we still participate in the high school league?

ANSWER: YES! The innovative format of the “Singles/Team” system allows schools with fewer than five (5) bowlers to enter via the “Singles” category. Once a school has 5 or more bowlers, they can also participate in the “Team” category.

The 2013-14 FHSAA Handbook states on page 142: FHSAA District Team Championships.
a) To be eligible to participate in the FHSAA Team Championship, teams must have a five-player roster with an optional sixth through eighth players for substitution.

QUESTION 14: How can there be a Singles/Team Bowling Program?

ANSWER: Traditionally, high school bowling leagues has been a ‘Team’ only sport. Through the work accomplished over the past year with the FHSAA, the following ‘discoveries’ have been made that allow bowling to be both a ‘Singles’ and a ‘Team’ sport.

Current District and State championships have both ‘Singles’ and ‘Team’ divisions. This makes it possible for any county or District in Florida to run either a ‘Singles ONLY’ program and/or a ‘Singles/Team’ program.

The 2013-14 FHSAA Handbook states on page 7:

    1.4.16 Individual Sports – refers to any sport in which competition is held between or among individuals in which winning or losing is by individuals (i.e. bowling, cross country, golf, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field, weightlifting, wrestling, etc.). Team and individual honors are awarded in individual sports.
    • A single bowling coach can serve as the ‘coach’ for multiple school’s athletes
    • Diving is an example of a school having as few as 1 or 2 athletes
    • Eliminates the demand of having a dedicated coach from every school present during high school practices or matches

QUESTION 15: What are the benefits of a Singles/Team Bowling Program?

ANSWER: Since a ‘singles’ system allows a school to have as few as one bowler on its roster, it is much easier to start a new bowling program. As interest in high school bowling gains momentum among the student body, more bowlers join the team. This quickly leads to a school having 5 or more bowlers (8 max), thus qualifying it for “Baker” style team competition.

If a school were to lose a large portion of its bowling team, reducing its roster to fewer than 5 bowlers, it could still field a partial team by way of the ‘singles’ system. (This greatly benefits the remaining bowlers on the team!)

QUESTION 16: Will transportation to the bowling centers be provided by the school?

ANSWER: NO... students will have to provide their own means of transportation in getting to the bowling centers.

QUESTION 17: How can I contribute to Broward County High School Bowling?

ANSWER: Tax deductable checks can be sent to the United States High School Bowling Foundation (USHSBF). The USHSBF is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization that manages the high school bowling website in Broward County. Please provide your contact information with your check so a tax deductable receipt of your donation can be mailed to you.

6687 NW 110 Way
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The new District 15 Coordinator is Chris Hixon:

Mike Nyitray, USBC Gold Certified Coach, is the founder
of Broward County High School Bowling: