Broward County High School Bowling

Scoring Records for Broward County High School Bowling

This page is dedicated to the bowlers who have shown the ability to score really high. Since the Broward County High School Bowling program was established in 2010, the scores and the records shown are only the beginning of what's possible from today's and tomorrow's talented bowlers.


High Average: Nathan Ricks 246.0 (*2010)

High Game: Nathan Ricks 299 (2010)

High 2-Games: Pablo Cerda Jr. 546 (2013)

High 3-Games: Nathan Ricks 773 (2010)


High Average: Krystina Nealon 213.4 (2012)

High Game: Harmony Romano 299 (2016#)

High 2-Games: Krystina Nealon 515 (2013)

High 3-Games: Harmony Romano 771 (2016#)

#Score was bowled during Nationals

The new District 15 Coordinator is Chris Hixon:

Mike Nyitray, USBC Gold Certified Coach, is the founder
of Broward County High School Bowling: