Broward County High School Bowling
FORMAT of Broward County High School Bowling

2017 Bowling season will consist of eleven (11) matches across a six consecutive weeks commencing Sept. 13th.

There will be one venue: Sawgrass Lanes

All TUESDAY & THURSDAY matches will be contested at Sawgrass Lanes.

A match will consist of TWO (2) games of regular pinfall and ONE (1) game of Baker scoring will be contested by all participating bowlers.. This constitutes a best-of-3 game contest. The school winning 2 or more games will be the winner of the match.. In the event a match ends with 1 game, 1 game lost and 1 game tied, the overall total pinfall will determine the winner of the match.

Matches will contest one school against another school, unless a 3-way match has been determined.


Eligibility requirements for Singles / Teams to advance to District Tournament

Individuals must bowl a minimum number of four (4) regular season matches to be eligible for Districts!


FORMAT of 2017 District 15 Bowling Tournament

VENUE:. Sawgrass Lanes

- Three (3) games of regular pinfall will be contested by all participants during the District Championships.
- The top two (2) Singles boys scores will determine the State Finals qualifiers in both boys and girls divisions.
- The top four teams consisting of five or more bowlers will qualify for standard double-elimination Baker playoffs.


The new District 15 Coordinator is Chris Hixon:

Mike Nyitray, USBC Gold Certified Coach, is the founder
of Broward County High School Bowling: