Broward County High School Bowling

Welcome to Broward County
High School Bowling

Created with the support of the FHSAA in 2010, high school bowling in Broward County brings for the first time the opportunity for kids in Broward County to participate in high school bowling competition. Additionally, these kids also now can participate in District Championships; providing the opportunity to advance to the FHSAA State Finals in Orlando!

Broward County High School Bowling (BCHSB) is unique in several ways. First, it is a club-level sport at the County level and a varsity sport at the State level. This permits each individual school to register its boys and/or girls teams with the FHSAA. Next, BCHSB is both a Singles & Team league system. Schools can start a bowling team with as few as only one bowler! Once a school has five (5) or more bowlers, they would automatically be eligible for team competition, too.

Sports Physicals

Broward Health Urgent Care Centers are offering to provide Sports Physicals.

Click on the Broward Health Urgent Care Centers link here, or up above, to find the location nearest you.

Required FHSAA forms

All students are required to submit the following forms (once completed) to the school athletic department BEFORE being eligible to participate in any sport.


Coral Springs Charter wins 2018 FHSAA States Girls Team Title!

Supporters of Broward County High School Bowling included:

Sawgrass Lanes
Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO)
- - - - - -Broward County USBC

Palm-Aire Medical & Rehab Center
- - - - - -
- -Sawgrass Lanes

City of Coconut Creek
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - City of Tamarac
U.S. High School Bowling Foundation

Lou Scalia's Pro Shop

The official provider of awards and trophies for Broward County High School Bowling!
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Chris Hixon
FHSAA Bowling District 15 Coordinator

From 2014 to 2017, years Chris Hixon served as the Athletic Director for Majory Stoneman Douglas High School until he was killed during that horrible February shooting in Parkland, FL.

Chris was also part of our bowling family. Not only did Chris also served as Broward County High School Bowling's district coordinator since 2016, he was responsible for starting the MSD high school bowling program. His positive energy and passion for helping all students will be greatly missed!

Sheriff Al Lamberti with Mike Nyitray in front of the BSO helicopter.

"Bowling provides a fun and safe after school sport all kids can enjoy. This is just one of the many reasons why the Broward Sheriff’s Office supports Broward County High School Bowling.”

-- Sheriff Al Lamberti


United States High School Bowling Foundation

The United States High School Bowling Foundation (USHSBF) is an IRS 501(c)(3) registered a not-for-profit organization that manages high school bowling in Broward County. All activities surrounding high school bowling in Broward County are paid for by USHSBF. Funding for the USHSBF is derived totally from donations, sponsors and grants.

Board of Directors for the USHSBF include:
Vice President / Secretary
Michael Nyitray, B.A. Psychology
USBC Gold Certified Coach
2010 & 2012 U.S. Olympic Committee
National Developmental
Coach of the Year
Sharon Santilli, Ed.D
Professor, NSU
Dan Bertucelli, B.A. Accounting
President of Bert & Associates, Inc.
E.A #74913, A.T.A., A.T.P. #1101042001


Mike Nyitray, USBC Gold Certified Coach, is the founder of Broward County High School Bowling: